All fashion shows canceled due to coronavirus.

According to the official statements of brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Armani, Max Mara and more decided to cancel or postpone their resort shows and several events regarding their newest fall-winter collections.

Since the industry acknowledged the crisis and danger of the pandemic virus, different houses decided to change the locations of their Cruise 2021 shows. However, all houses were forced to cancel or (if they preferred) postpone their shows to protect their staff and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Due to these actions, the luxurious brands decided to help with their resources to fight the spread of the virus, like the Italian brand ‘Armani’, which decided to close its offices and plants located in the North of Italy saying:

“The decision was made to avoid exposing guests to any dangers to their health”.

Meanwhile, Giorgio Armani announced the past March 8 that its design house is donating 1.25 million euros to Italian hospitals and public institutions.

As I mentioned earlier, the cruise 2021 fashion shows that were supposed to operate on Capri by May have been canceled. And during this shows Chanel was one of the masons that were going to present their 2020/2021 collection, but the brand decided to suspend its operations:

“Chanel is fully committed to protect each employee and partner everywhere the company operates. Chanel is examining alternative ways of presenting its collection in Capri at a later date and in a different format.”

Likewise, their traditional Haute Couture presentation has also been postponed which was scheduled for March 26th in London.

At the same time, the gigantic luxury brand Dior announced that their Cruise 2021 show (schedule by May 9 and was going to take place in Lecce, Puglia) has been postponed with no new date set yet. Additionally, Dior proved a statement to WWD to clarify their decision:

“As a preventive measure, in accordance with instructions from public authorities, and to reinforce the coordination of international directives, the House of Dior has decided to postpone its cruise show to ensure the safety of all its employees, collaborators and guests.”

Other brands that have followed this decision are Max Mara which has canceled its resort 2021 show that was going to be on St. Petersburg, Russia on May 25th. Whilst Gucci closed all of its productions, in the meantime, it will take extreme measures to protect the health and safety of their co-workers, and of course their communities.

Ralph Lauren, Prada, Versace, and Hermès are other brands that decided to postpone their cruise and different fashion shows. Regarding Hermès, they stated to expose their motivations to cancel their show that was supposed to take place in London in April, saying:

“Due to the exceptional health situation, Hermès, concerned with protecting all of its teams and partners and welcoming its guests in the best conditions, has decided not to present its spring 2021 cruise collection in London on 28 April. The house shows its empathy to all those affected by the current situation”.

Unfortunately, these luxurious brands are facing a tremendous loss of money, not just in the retail stores but also the e-commerce, digital tags, collaborations with models, influencers, bloggers and the opportunity to show their newest designs.

Also, the shutdown of the Cruise 2021 harms the beginning of the season, thus these collections are the most wearable of these fashion houses. At the same time, these luxurious brands disclose their most “showpieces” during these shows, which is a big opportunity for the brands to make bank.

As we can see, the fashion industry is suffering daily because of the pandemic virus that has taken more than 16,000 people’s lives. Under these circumstances, consumers and brands are facing a difficult time to keep on track of acquiring fashion items.

Definitely, our future seems quite uncertain, and for the fashion industry more. If the social distancing is still activated, more fashion shows would be canceled once again. It looks like our biggest ally is the internet, our digital platforms and during this time we have to enhance our abilities with these technological tools.

After all, the luxury brands are stepping down, which is not a good sign for the fashion industry at the moment.

Autor: Sandra López

I'm a digital journalist follower of fashion and pop culture. Born in 1995 I've witnessed how our world and style has evolved. Creative and starting to spread my horizons by sharing iginal content.


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